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Northern Beaches Indoor Stadium

The Existing Northern Beaches Indoor Sports Centre has been serviced by three existing ASF Stump Thrust One Sprung Timber Floor System courts for the past 15 years.

The centre decided to invest in an additio...

Indoor Sports Floors

Shoreline Sports Floors design, install & maintain a host of proven specialised Sprung Timber Flooring Systems to provide top performing Sports Flooring Surfaces


As the exclusive NSW, QLD & ACT distributor of ASF Horner Pty Ltd, Shoreline offers these states the only FIBA Certified Sprung Timber Floor Systems product in the Southern Hemisphere. Our Sprung Timber Floors provide highly uniformed ball bounce to maximum energy return for running and jumping.


Shoreline can offer expert advice regarding the design, construction and maintenance of a sprung timber sports floor system, which will be sure to surpass the expectations of all end users. The company's product range includes timber sports floor design, installation, maintenance and supply of timber floor protection, Court Cover pro. This range allows us to focus on the flooring needs of all sporting facilities from small community centres to large sport stadiums.


Shoreline's vast knowledge of the sports and leisure industry can be beneficial to all interested parties from the architects table, to the maintenance of an existing facility. Shoreline Sports Floors can cater for all requirements no matter how diverse.


Choosing to converse with Shoreline will ensure information received is provided by the suppliers of the most highly tested sports floor system on the market.