The following are playing on the A.S.F. Horner Pro-King Portable Flooring Systems.

  • QLD Netball
  • SA Basketball
  • Perth Entertainment Centre
  • South Africa Netball
  • Melbourne Tigers
  • North Melbourne Giants
  • South East Melbourne Magic
  • Sydney Kings
  • Newcastle Falcons
  • Brisbane Bullets
  • Townsville Suns
  • Perth Wildcats
Indoor Sports Floors

Shoreline Sports Floors has vast experience regarding specialised Timber Sports Floor design. Shoreline has the ability to modify the sub-floor components of our patented flooring systems to create a “custom made” system for a particular facility. These engineered changes can be implemented to decrease system heights to match existing adjacent surfaces or to increase floor system weight loading capacities to cater for retractable seating units or heavy maintenance plant.


Shoreline Sports Floors can also complete custom timber floor overlay systems in existing facilities. An ASF Overlay can refurbish & rejuvenate an existing floor system, returning strength and appeal to an aged timber floor system, with minimal financial outlay.


Shoreline will give our full consideration and attention to any design request communicated by a client. Shoreline Sports Floors can design an innovative custom made floor system for any application.