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The most important aspect of a Sporting Facility is the Sprung Timber Floor System. It is imperative that a suitable system is installed originally and that ongoing timber sports floor maintenance is completed by specialised contractors over the floor systems life span. An exceptional Sprung Timber Floor System can attract multitudes of user groups to any facility, which is the ultimate goal of the Facility Manager, the Local Council and all interested parties.


As the NSW, ACT & Queensland exclusive distributor of ASF Horner Pty Ltd, Shoreline Sports Floors can offer the only southern hemisphere FIBA Sprung Timber Floor System certification, which is paramount when facilities are working to attract high end competition. Shoreline specialises in designing innovative sprung timber floor systems for any Sporting Facility, from a Multi-Use Public Hall to Level One competition Sports Stadium. Shoreline offers facilities sports floor systems which achieve unmatched performance and unsurpassed system longevity.


Sports Facility Managers can also rely on Shoreline Sports Floors to administer the correct annual maintenance to their main asset, using specialised sports floor coating products which offer DIN slip resistance certification or low VOC levels for sensitive areas. Shoreline Sports Floors is also acomplished at offering painted enamel sports line markings and enamel sports court sign writing, to give individual facilities a personal point of difference.