Tamworth Council: Tamworth Sports Dome

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Tamworth Council: Tamworth Sports Dome

Hines Constructions Pty Ltd

Sports Stadium

Shoreline Sports Floors had the fortuity to work with the head Architect (Facility Design Group) on the Tamworth Sports Dome Sprung Timber Floor System design. The need to create a facility which could cater for all user groups was imperative in this case. The client wanted the facility to be available to all local sporting groups, from small children to elite athletes. There was also a desire to incorporate a premium Show Court area which would attract high level sport to the town of Tamworth. Shoreline installed our ASF Stump Thrust Two System in the three Multi-Purpose Courts and our ASF Stump Thrust Three System in the Show Court area. Whilst both these systems are FIBA certified flooring systems, the ASF Stump Thrust Three is FIBA certified to Level 1, 2 & 3 , allowing the Tamworth Sports Dome to host high end competition. The completed stadium is a credit to the Tamworth area and will service Tamworth and the surrounding suburbs for many years to come.

ASF Stump Thrust Two System to Courts 3, 4 & 5 - furnished with Multi-Sport T & G flooring. ASF Stump Thrust Three System to Show Court - furnished with Multi-Sport T & G flooring.

Facility Design Group is a highly specialised architectural firm in the field of indoor sports and aquatic facilities. Over the last 15 years we have completed numerous indoor sports complexes – with approximately 80% having timber sports floors.


Many of these specialised sports floors have been ‘stump thrust’ systems providing arguably the best performing floors for sports people.


Shoreline Sports Floors have completed all of our work over the last 6 years or so – which includes some of our largest projects including Anzac Park at Orange – a 4 court facility – and Tamworth Sports Dome – a 6 court facility.


It has been a great relief to have Shoreline Sports Floors on board to provide both the engineering requirements of the whole floor contract, and to complete such large contracts in a soundly professional manner. This includes all the detail areas of thresh holds and interfaces with adjoining floor systems.


Troy Marquart is the Managing Director and provides for all the interface with builders, clients and architects. He adds to the professionalism of this trustworthy company that has always demonstrated solid and proper construction without shortcuts – and most importantly their solid back up to resolving any issues that arise after the handover of the project – back up is just as important as good delivery.


I recommend Shoreline Sports Floors to any group undertaking a specialised sports floor installation.

Stephen Johansson

Director, Architect NSW