St Ignatius College Riverview

In 2010 Shoreline Sports Floors carried out a complete refurbishment of the Basketball court floors at Saint Ignatius College, Riverview. The assistance and professionalism shown during the entire process was excellent. I could not have been more happy with the quality of the finished product. Since then, Shoreline have been responsible for the ...

Shoreline Sports Floors can design and install an innovative flooring system for any organisation or individual interested in Sports and Leisure applications.


Shoreline has the proved industry experience required to cater for Architects, Facility Managers ad Principal Contractors alike in the pursuit of a suitable functioning timber flooring system.


Shoreline offers a host of specialisd sprung timber flooring systems of which functionality and longevity are the genesis.


Shoreline can expedite a concept through to design and facilitate the flooring system from specification to commencement of sport.

Indoor Sports Floors

Knox Grammar School

We offer General Specifications, full Design & Installation Contracts for all our various Sprung Floor Systems.

Maintaining Your Shoreline Floor

Just like any other asset it deserves and requires regular maintenance to keep it at it's best to maintain it's value. To replace this floor is a very large capital expense however you should never have to do this.