The following are playing on the A.S.F. Horner Pro-King Portable Flooring Systems.

  • QLD Netball
  • SA Basketball
  • Perth Entertainment Centre
  • South Africa Netball
  • Melbourne Tigers
  • North Melbourne Giants
  • South East Melbourne Magic
  • Sydney Kings
  • Newcastle Falcons
  • Brisbane Bullets
  • Townsville Suns
  • Perth Wildcats
Indoor Sports Floors

The Stump Thrust range of sports floors is available in three differing levels of performance. When combined with the most technically advanced PR, Stump or Thrust-A-Cushion pads they provide the highest level of player comfort for this type of construction.



Each application is designed to meet the individual facilites requirements, paying particular attention to site conditions, building design, designated sports and seating current or future.


Technical Achievements

Traditionally pier and beam construction (bearer and joist) had restricted design characteristics. This type of construction now offers resilient floors all the way through to fully floating area-elastic and point elastic floor systems. Designed to cater for high point loads, whilst showing considerable attention to the DIN 18032; part 2 standards. ASF Horner is the only Australian flooring company to carry the FIBA approval for level 1 & 2 competitions.



The Stump Thrust range of floors are an ideal choice when encountering sloping sites, sites with rocky or bad soil conditions and contaminated areas, where a slab on ground would be excessively expensive. 


Stump Thrust 1


The concrete stump is positioned within the concrete footing, an ASF Stump resilient pad is fitted to the stump, then the bearers and joists are fixed into position. Directly fixed to the top of the joists is the selected Hardwood or American Maple flooring. This system has excellent resilliency, is easy to install and is very economical.



Multipurpose, school halls, volleyball, futsal, badminton and basketball.


Stump Thrust 2


The system incorporates the same components as the Stump Thrust 1 System. However the specially designed bracket and Cushion pads are fixed on top of the bearer and directly below the joists, then an exterior grade plywood layer is added over the joist in this system, giving the system added strength, stability and enhanced resiliency.



Sports stadiums, volleyball, futsal, basketball and netball.


Stump Thrust 3


The system is constructed with the same stumps, bearer and joists. Fixed to the top of the joists are the PR Cushion pads, then two layers of exterior grade plywood, and the selected Hardwood or American Maple flooring. The system provides the most uniform resiliency and maximum quietness and strength.



Sports arenas, stadiums, church halls, volleyball, futsal, basketball and netball. Best system to cater for retractable seating.